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Samples of content I have written, designed, and promoted for Accessibility Modifications Solutions as their head of Promotional Strategy. Stay tuned for updates! 

Results I have driven:

  1. Increased sales leads generated as a direct result of content I created and promoted via the website, blog, video, email, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and print and display advertising

  2. Increased clickthrough traffic from content to website and direct phone calls.

  3. Expanded the company’s advertising efforts through LinkedIn, Google, and local / national business listings.

  4. Improved user-friendliness of website as a result of content re-organization

  5. Created sales leads through Hubspot smart lists and email campaigns that hyper-target contacts based on attributes I assigned to them

Graphic from Google Analytics showing increased increased users and user retention to the Accessibility Modifications Solutions website.

Graphic from Google Analytics showing increased increased users and user retention to the Accessibility Modifications Solutions website.



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Website content restructuring

Original content layout:

Title: "Bathroom Modifications for the Elderly"

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As we age, tasks that were once simple become more complex. Eighty-seven percent of adults age 65+, say they want to stay in their own homes as they age [1] . But, more than a third of seniors over the age of 65 slip and fall each year [2] - eighty percent of those falls occur in the bathroom.
With some smart modifications, elderly residents can be safe and feel secure in every room of their house, and that includes the bathroom.
When thinking about how you can make your bathroom safe and accessible, it is good to incorporate “universal design” concepts which allow for easier accessibility for people of all ages, including aging loved ones.

Here are some things to consider when planning bathroom modifications for the elderly, that will benefit everyone in your home:

  • Rolling or fixed shower seats that allow the bather to sit while taking a shower

  • Curbless showers are a perfect wheelchair accessible shower solution, with an opening that’s level with the floor, ideal for people of all levels of mobility

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 7.22.19 AM.png
  • Grab bars in all bathing areas should be included in all elderly bathroom modifications

  • All surfaces should have non-slip protections installed

  • Toilets should be 17 to 19 inches high, per ADA guidelines. This is a comfortable height for all users, but also high enough for wheelchair/walker users to comfortably get on and off the toilet. Grab bars should also be installed next to the toilet.

  • A handicap bathroom is a well-lit bathroom, with switches low enough for wheelchair users to reach them.

  • Prevent burns by lowering the maximum heat on your hot water heater.

  • Make sure there is enough space for wheelchairs to get in and out, and to make turns.

At Accessibility Modifications Solutions, we recognize how easily falls can happen in the bathroom. We provide bathroom modifications for the elderly to make this space into a safer, easier-to-use part of your home.

Our aging in place bathroom modifications for the elderly include:

  • ADA toilets

  • Grab bar installation

  • Custom-built roll-in showers

  • Walk-in showers

  • Wall-mounted sinks and toilets

From grab bar installation to customizing a walk-in shower for the elderly, our universal design experts can make your bathroom a safer, more comfortable space for everyone.
[1] AARP;
[2] News USA;


Revised content layout

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Logo redesign

Logo redesign

Outdoor poster

Outdoor poster

Outdoor poster

Outdoor poster

Outdoor poster

Outdoor poster

One of the search ads I created.

One of the search ads I created.

Calls received in response to the above search ad.

Calls received in response to the above search ad.